Taytum – Cake Smash Photos Taytum – Cake Smash Photos

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It’s so special when I get to take pictures for people that I know! Taytum’s great grandmother, Di, has been my mom and I’s hairdresser for over 10 years. She is one of the most genuine people, always offering up her positivity and help whenever she can. Going to a hair appointment with her is like sitting down over coffee with an aunt that adores you. So, when Di asked me to do Taytum’s Scottsdale cake smash photos, I couldn’t help but feel honored she thought of me!

The cutest thing about Taytum is seeing her little one year old body do things that you usually see out of a two or three year old! Not only did she start walking early, but she was running around, using little words and listening so well! She was SO well-behaved that it actually took some coaxing to get her to eat her cake. She kept looking at her mom and dad for permission! Taytum’s birthday is in December so we had fun mixing Christmas colors and textures with her nursery colors, turquoise and purple, for her session.

Enjoy this little peek at Taytum’s Scottsdale cake smash photos:

Cake Smash PhotosCake Smash Photos

Cake by Sift Bakehouse

If you have a baby turning one soon, I would LOVE to chat about their Scottsdale cake smash!

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