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I’m a photographer so you can probably imagine just how much I love photographs. I love pictures of everything- landscapes, architecture, storms (oh how I love storm photography! Check out my friend Mike Olbinksi), but above all I adore portraits and that’s why it’s my specialty. More specifically, I cherish the portraits that have people I love in them. So, every year I hire a photographer of our own and drag Cody out for pictures. You can say that taking pictures is not Cody’s favorite thing, but he’s a good sport about it because he knows how important it is to me.

I’m a little picky about my pictures. As an artist myself, I always have a vision of what I’m looking for. Last year, I really wanted a photographer to capture my first trip to Disneyland, in 2013 I wished for portraits in a tall grassy field and in 2012 I really wanted to highlight our move to San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge. This year I wanted someone to really focus on our our connection… I wanted genuine pictures of us being us. Jaime gave us just that! In the perfect location, Jaime captured us amongst beautiful green trees with gorgeous golden light peeking through; it was just dreamy. Above all, though, Jaime made my fairy-tale picture come true… and for that I am forever thankful:

Scottsdale Photographer

Thank you to Jaime of Jaime Davis Photography for capturing our portraits this year. If you know of anyone getting married, Jaime is your girl! Now, here are some more peeks from our session:

Scottsdale Photographer 2 Scottsdale Photographer 3

I am a Scottsdale photographer who specializes in maternity, newborn and baby portraiture. Get in touch and let’s chat about capturing YOUR loved ones!

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