Welcome Sofía! Welcome Sofía!


A few months ago, I was contacted by a friend of Sofía’s parents, hoping to gift them something unique at their baby shower. Knowing how much they appreciate art, we put together a newborn session for Sofía’s parents. I have to say that I’m so grateful for opportunities like this, where I get to use my talent to help friends shower new parents with love!

Liz and Pedro are such a warm, inviting couple so I was immediately excited to share this special time with them. Named Sofía Citlali (meaning star), their daughter was an absolutely beautiful newborn. My favorite thing about her was without a doubt her head full of hair. I don’t see many newborns with hair so it’s always a treat for me when babies aren’t bald!

Sofía’s newborn session was so special and personal to her family. I was so happy that we were able to include a beautiful scarf, rosary and cross that Sofía’s parents collected during their travels. Liz and Pedro really enjoy traveling, especially to places rich in art and culture. Including these treasures in Sofía’s portraits highlights this beautiful connection to her roots. Sofía’s grandfather also came to her newborn session so we were able to capture some wonderful family and generational portraits, that I know Sofía will treasure when she’s old enough!

Thank you to Liz, Pedro and Pedro Sr. for inviting me to capture your family. Here are a few portraits from Sofía’s newborn session:

Yellow bow: AnaMae Design

White wrap: Custom Photo Props

Green flower: LoliBean

I’m now booking newborn due dates through June 2019. Please get in touch to inquire about your own custom newborn session!

The Chastain Family The Chastain Family


For the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Chastain family grow! Every other year, the Chastains are all together for Christmas in Scottsdale and use the opportunity to capture everyone together with family portraits. This is the second time I’ve been invited to their beautiful home in Arcadia for their family session. With each session, there are new grandbabies, and new stories, but their tight bond never changes even with the distance between them. I’m excited to freeze these quick moments so that they can look back on them years down the road!

Stephanie and JD custom built their home to entertain and it truly is a beautiful gathering place for family and friends. Although their three kids are grown, their house has become a place where everyone comes for quality time together. I know their house will be a big part of their family memories… and that is exactly why I think it’s the perfect place for their family session every year!

One of my favorite things about working with Stephanie and her family is how easy-going everyone is. They are open to trying new things (like their red and plaid color scheme this year) and making the session fun for all (including the dogs!). Families like the Chastains are exactly why I love being a photographer… creating tangible heirlooms of these moments is so important and so fulfilling.

Thank you to Stephanie, JD and the rest of your family for inviting me to capture your portraits again. It truly means so much! Here is a little peek of their family session:

family portraits 2family portraits

Do you have a special time your family gets together? I’d love to capture family portraits for you! Let’s chat!

The Amdahl Family The Amdahl Family


Family is the center of my world and I know it is with the Amdahls too. The summer after college, I had the privilege of working as their summer nanny. Kate and Jack were just 3 and 2-years-old and I had a blast that summer with them. The best thing about that time was just being there for them, playing, learning, and making the most of their summer off of preschool. Our favorite activities were visiting the Fountain Hills Library, playing at the splashpad, or discovering a new park in Scottsdale. We had long, fun-filled days that always ended with the kids being so excited to see their parents, two people who truly put family time first.

Kate and Jack have grown up so much since those days. They are both in school full time. They are in so many different activities and they are what I lovingly call “little humans.” It’s so fun to sit and listen to their interests and stories about the trips they’ve been on. What a pleasure it’s been watching them grow up, but an even bigger honor that their parents have made a point to include me in their family all these years later with birthday party invites and family sessions.

Mike and Megan, thank you so much for having me capture these family portraits for you in Scottsdale. It was so wonderful to catch-up and as always, it’s such a compliment to capture your family pictures yet another time. Please enjoy a snippet of their family session below!

scottsdale family portraits scottsdale family portraits 2 scottsdale family portraits 3

If you’re looking for a photographer to capture your family in Scottsdale, I’d love to chat! There are plenty of beautiful locations and outfit tips I can suggest for your family session… I’d love to help however I can. Please note that October through December is family photography busy season. It’s great if you can plan ahead and contact me by September!

Introducing Charlie Introducing Charlie


Charlie came into the studio for his newborn session at just 11-days-old. So sweet and so tiny, I remember thinking that he was the best early surprise his parents could have asked for!

Although Charlie arrived before his parents could come into the studio for their consultation, I’d been looking forward to working with his family for a while because they are good friends with another wonderful client of mine. When Charlie’s momma contacted me, I was excited to meet her, but also excited at the idea that Charlie and Jack would be best friends just like their moms! Although they are a year apart, I can only imagine what adventures they will have as they get older and spend time together because of their mommas’ friendship.

Charlie is such a sweet baby and it was such a treat to capture his first portraits. During every newborn session, I have a goal list that I write ahead of time to make sure I get all of the images baby’s parents asked for, but also pictures that I envision as well. As long as I’m on track, I’ll stop and take breaks to just soak in the little baby in my arms. My time with Charlie was no exception! His fuzzy head of hair, sweet cheeks and luscious lips were the best to look at. I can’t wait to see what a beautiful baby, toddler and little boy Charlie grows to be!

Liz and Chuck, thank you so much for brining Charlie into my Scottsdale studio for his newborn portraits. I can’t wait to watch him grow over the next year! Here are a few peeks from Charlie’s session:

newborn photography newborn photography 2 newborn photography 3

White wrap: Custom Photo Props

Gray flokati: Rugs USA

To reserve your own newborn session, please get in touch! I’d love to chat with you about what you envision. Please keep in mind that it’s best to contact me during your second or third trimester to ensure availability for your due date.

Welcome to the World Quinn Welcome to the World Quinn


The first time I met Quinn’s parents at the studio for their baby photography consultation, I knew that I was going to love their daughter. Kate and Alex are such a sweet, down-to-earth couple. They immediately felt like old friends. I love when families come into my studio and we immediately connect. What I do is so much more than snapping some cute pictures… clients truly become a part of my extended family. Parents let me into their lives during the most intimate and special time; they trust me as a newborn photographer to take care of their baby and capture what will always be their baby’s first portraits. That means the world to me. Kate and Alex, I’m so honored that you chose me to capture Quinn’s newborn session and her entire first year. I can’t wait to watch your baby grow!

I met Quinn for her newborn session when she was just 10 days old. She had a head full of hair (most people know this is rare for newborns) and the sweetest little lips. Throughout her session, I found myself holding her and just…soaking her in. Quinn was a dream throughout her session; she barely made a peep and let me do all of the poses that I do with newborn babies. We got some beautiful pictures in her nursery color scheme, capturing her little details and even incorporating her dad’s love for Notre Dame. Her session couldn’t have come together more beautifully and I’m excited to share it with you on the blog today! Here’s a few portraits from Quinn’s newborn session:

Baby Photography Newborn Photographer Newborn Photographer

Bow headband: TaffyPink

White wrap: Custom Photo Props

Gray posing fabric: Roses and Ruffles

Notre Dame outfit: Brought by her momma

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