Introducing Charlie Introducing Charlie


Charlie came into the studio for his newborn session at just 11-days-old. So sweet and so tiny, I remember thinking that he was the best early surprise his parents could have asked for!

Although Charlie arrived before his parents could come into the studio for their consultation, I’d been looking forward to working with his family for a while because they are good friends with another wonderful client of mine. When Charlie’s momma contacted me, I was excited to meet her, but also excited at the idea that Charlie and Jack would be best friends just like their moms! Although they are a year apart, I can only imagine what adventures they will have as they get older and spend time together because of their mommas’ friendship.

Charlie is such a sweet baby and it was such a treat to capture his first portraits. During every newborn session, I have a goal list that I write ahead of time to make sure I get all of the images baby’s parents asked for, but also pictures that I envision as well. As long as I’m on track, I’ll stop and take breaks to just soak in the little baby in my arms. My time with Charlie was no exception! His fuzzy head of hair, sweet cheeks and luscious lips were the best to look at. I can’t wait to see what a beautiful baby, toddler and little boy Charlie grows to be!

Liz and Chuck, thank you so much for brining Charlie into my Scottsdale studio for his newborn portraits. I can’t wait to watch him grow over the next year! Here are a few peeks from Charlie’s session:

newborn photography newborn photography 2 newborn photography 3

White wrap: Custom Photo Props

Gray flokati: Rugs USA

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Welcome to the World Quinn Welcome to the World Quinn


The first time I met Quinn’s parents at the studio for their baby photography consultation, I knew that I was going to love their daughter. Kate and Alex are such a sweet, down-to-earth couple. They immediately felt like old friends. I love when families come into my studio and we immediately connect. What I do is so much more than snapping some cute pictures… clients truly become a part of my extended family. Parents let me into their lives during the most intimate and special time; they trust me as a newborn photographer to take care of their baby and capture what will always be their baby’s first portraits. That means the world to me. Kate and Alex, I’m so honored that you chose me to capture Quinn’s newborn session and her entire first year. I can’t wait to watch your baby grow!

I met Quinn for her newborn session when she was just 10 days old. She had a head full of hair (most people know this is rare for newborns) and the sweetest little lips. Throughout her session, I found myself holding her and just…soaking her in. Quinn was a dream throughout her session; she barely made a peep and let me do all of the poses that I do with newborn babies. We got some beautiful pictures in her nursery color scheme, capturing her little details and even incorporating her dad’s love for Notre Dame. Her session couldn’t have come together more beautifully and I’m excited to share it with you on the blog today! Here’s a few portraits from Quinn’s newborn session:

Baby Photography Newborn Photographer Newborn Photographer

Bow headband: TaffyPink

White wrap: Custom Photo Props

Gray posing fabric: Roses and Ruffles

Notre Dame outfit: Brought by her momma

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Happy 6 Months Mabry! Happy 6 Months Mabry!


A few months ago, Mabry came in for her 6 month baby photo session. She is one of my little Baby’s First Year clients that comes in throughout the year to capture her biggest milestones. I haven’t seen her since her newborn session when she was 8 days old and boy has she changed. As with all of my First Year babies, I firmly believe that she is growing up too fast!

Mabry’s dad and brother were off at a soccer game so it was just us girls at the studio. It was so sweet to watch her have one-on-one time with her momma… just the look on her face shows you how much she adores her mom. Mabry is normally a very smiley baby, especially for her big brother, but she was pretty serious the morning of her session. I know that parents worry when their baby isn’t constantly smiling, but I can assure you that we always manage to capture your baby’s beautiful smile sometime during the session. Even more, the serious faces can be better because they give you those beautiful, bright-eyed shots that you just don’t get when babies smile!

Mabry is such a beautiful baby, with the softest eyes and the sweetest little cheeks. In a few months, she will be back at the studio for her 1 year cake smash and I can’t wait to see what a smart, active toddler she grows to be. Talissa and Patrick, thank you so much for having me capture your baby girl’s first year; it’s been such a pleasure watching your family grow. Here are a few peeks of Mabry’s baby session:

baby photo session baby photo session baby photo session

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Annabelle Rose – Newborn Photography Annabelle Rose – Newborn Photography


This blog post is a special one. For the past three years, my wonderful friend Jaime has captured our family before our big move, after our big move and when we welcomed our furry baby Penny. This time, it was my chance to photograph something special for her! Early last year, I got a text from Jaime telling me that she and her husband Ryan were having a baby, almost right after she found out! I was SO excited for her and keeping her secret was the hardest! Time flew by and it was such a joy watching the two of them announce it to the world, reveal baby’s gender and then joyfully welcome their sweet Annabelle into their family. Finally in September, days after Annabelle was born, I traveled to California for her newborn session.

Meeting Annabelle was so sweet for me. For months, I wondered who she would look like and what kind of personality she would have and then there she was- right in front of me! She was more beautiful and sweet than I could have imagined. Annabelle was a chunky newborn and boy do I love myself a chunky baby! She had the softest and sweetest baby smell; I snuggled her for a good part of the day. The best thing about Annabelle is that she was content. While she wasn’t sure about sleeping for me, she was happy to be there, wide-eyed, watching me try to soothe her to sleep, haha!

Thank you so much Jaime and Ryan for having me capture such a special part of your legacy. It is such an honor when another photographer and a friend asks me to take their baby’s first portraits!

I’d like to introduce Annabelle Rose, at just 10 days old:

Newborn Photography Scottsdale ArizonaScottsdale Arizona Newborn PhotographerScottsdale Arizona Newborn Photographer 3

Fresh roses: SWD Floral

Coral bow headband: AnaMaeDesign

Grey and pink fabric: Roses and Ruffles

Grey wrap: Manly and Pretty Little Things

Pink wrap: Custom Photo Props

I am a Scottsdale Arizona newborn photographer with a boutique baby studio located near the Scottsdale Airport. I’m also available to travel for newborn sessions like Annabelle’s. To chat about your newborn portraits, please visit my contact page!

Happy First Birthday Mateo! Happy First Birthday Mateo!

Babies, Cake Smash

Happy First Birthday Mateo! Another First Year baby recently celebrated his birthday and I just can’t believe it. There is no better word to describe how I’m feeling than bittersweet. I’ve spent a whole year watching this little boy’s story unfold. I watched his parents excitedly anticipate his arrival. I held him at only 8 days old. I smiled in awe at how many rolls he had at just 6 months. I laughed as I watched him with his smash cake during his first birthday portraits.

Sweet Mateo, never forget what a wonderful boy you are. You are smart, sweet and ever so curious. May you learn and experience lots of new and wonderful things, but never forget where you came from! You have two parents who love you so much and a photographer who will always be grateful to capture your story!

Thank you to Shari, Javier and Mateo for welcoming me into your lives! I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for your little guy. Here’s a peek at Mateo’s first birthday portraits:

First Birthday Portraits First Birthday Pictures Cake Smash Photos

Smash cake: Sift Bakehouse

If you’re looking for first birthday portraits for your baby, I’d love to chat with you!