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I love photography and that means that I’m not just an Orange County photographer, but I am also a photography client too. That’s right! At least once a year, I hire my OWN professional photographer to capture MY family.

Orange County Professional PhotographerPhoto credit: Volatile Photography

Cody and I have been together for a little over ten years. We met when I was in the seventh grade and we were those friends that would chat on instant message everyday after school. He was like the big brother I never had. It was actually a whole two years later that I started to think of him as more than a friend and then he asked me to be his girlfriend (insert cute little giggle). To keep it a long story short, Cody and I were actually in a long distance relationship all through high school and college. Between the long times we spent apart and the many years we’ve known each other, a lot about our relationship has changed and evolved. We’ve basically grown up together and I love that. I also love, that along the way, I made pictures a priority. I have so many pictures that I can look through today to remind me of where we’ve come from, what our best adventures have been and where we are now.

Now, not all of our pictures over the years have been taken by a professional and I won’t lie by saying that I hate the iPhone pictures (because I really don’t), but I will say that it’s the professional pictures that really capture our relationship- our silly ways, the way I giggle when Cody tickles me and the way we look into each other’s eyes. Our professional photographers have taken the time with us and gotten to know us so that they could bring out what really makes our relationship special. I love going back through our pictures and seeing that. I also love having the high-quality images that I can pull out and use in our holiday cards or in new picture frames. I never have to worry about how well they are going to print out because the quality is unbeatable. So, I have to ask you- when was the last time YOU had professional pictures taken? What do you want to be able to do with your pictures? What will you have to show your grandchildren when they ask about how grandma and grandpa met?

Anyway, I thought it would be fun to share some of Cody and I’s pictures from the last 10 years… you can see why I’m a photographer and why I advocate for EVERYONE to have professional pictures taken!

PS- Don’t judge me during my awkward teenage years =P

2014 (photo credit: Christopher Cooke Photography)

2013 (photo credit: Volatile Photography)

2012 (photo credit: Scott Mosher Photography)

20112011 (definitely just a snapshot!)

20102010 (iPhone shot- like I said, I’m not going to hate on iPhone pictures)

20092009 (another iPhone shot!)


2008 (photo credit: Sears- I used to think this was the best I could get professionally!)

20072007 (taken by my sweet Mom)

20062006 (photo credit: Picture People- I thought they did a *better* job than Sears)


2005 (this was taken with my very first point and shoot camera!)


2004 (I don’t remember what chain studio used to take these school dance photos…)


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  1. I love this post! Hiring the right professional is so important–as your Sears and Picture People shots prove! And it is also important that you both got in the photo because so many people don’t. You now have all these years documented, and you have an understanding of what it means to be a qualified professional photographer who can leave not just memories but beautiful memories for clients! Orange County is so lucky to have you there!

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