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I was so excited to have little Mila at the studio for her Scottsdale baby photos. It’s absolutely crazy how fast time flies in baby’s first year and Mila’s first three months have been no exception! Mila has grown so much; weighing at about 15 pounds and so tall! I’m thinking that she will be tall like her daddy, but she’s definitely starting to look more like her momma. Mila absolutely LOVES to be held by her Mom and Dad, so much so that her dad has that perfect bounce all figured out.

My favorite thing about baby sessions is watching these cuties grow up! Mila loves chewing on her hands and kicking her little legs. She’s not so sure about tummy time yet, but you can tell that she is working so hard to master it! The best thing about Mila is the smiles that light on her face only for her Mom and Dad. It melts me the way that babies love their parents.

Thank you so much to Nancy and Dave for bringing Mila into the studio! I can’t wait to see you guys for your fall family photos.

Here’s a peek from Mila’s 3 month session:

Scottsdale Baby Photos

Scottsdale Baby Photos

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