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Almost everybody knows that I have a little dog named Penny…and she’s my world. Penny is a one year old teeny Shih Tzu whose enthusiasm for life inspires me everyday. She happens to have a doggy cousin who is the exact same way! My sister Lyndsay has the cutest dog named Rockie and I’ll be honest- he has even more personality than Penny does. He was adopted from an amazing shelter near my sister’s house in Santa Monica. Penny doesn’t get to see Rockie much, but when she does, she just can’t contain herself!

We don’t have any grandchildren in our family so these two are the grandpups. Our mom, who lovingly refers to herself as “Grammy” spoils them in every way, even ways she probably shouldn’t (Grammy has told me that Penny likes Chick-fil-A, for example). On their last visit, we brought both dogs into my Scottsdale photography studio with big dreams for a cute picture of them together for Grammy… that didn’t happen! These two did great solo, but trying to get them both in a portrait was a circus!

Thanks to my mom, my sister, my aunt and these two wild pups for making this little session possible! Here’s a peek at their portraits:

Scottsdale Photography Studio - Dog Portraits Scottsdale Photography Studio - Dog Portraits

I am now booking maternity, newborn and baby portraits at my Scottsdale photography studio and welcome furry family members to come along too. I would love to chat about your family’s pictures!

Our Little Family – Scottsdale Family Photography Our Little Family – Scottsdale Family Photography

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Every year, I drag Cody out to capture our annual pictures together. It’s not something he loves, but he does it every year because he knows how important it is to me! This time was our first as more than a couple, but a family with our little puppy, Penny. I’ve wanted a puppy for years, but we waited until we were a bit more settled to get one. Now, with her here, it really does feel like we are a little family!

As a photographer myself, it can be a little hard to find someone that I trust to capture my family the way I see them. It’s hard to let go of that control and let someone else take care of light, posing and making me look as beautiful as I feel! So, when I found someone who does all of that and more, I hung on and won’t let go! =P Not only is Jaime Davis a wonderful friend, but she captures my family even more beautifully than I envision…and she does it every time! Thank you so much Jaime for making time for us on your trip here to Scottsdale, Arizona. I’m already looking forward to our next session!

Enjoy a little peek of our Scottsdale family photography:

Scottsdale Family Photography with petsScottsdale Family Photography for couplesScottsdale Pet Photography

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Penny – Scottsdale Pet Photography Penny – Scottsdale Pet Photography

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Last year we welcomed a new family member and I know I’m biased, but I think she is the CUTEST thing. Introducing our girl, Penny! Last July, we got Penny from Arizona Shih Tzu when she was just a little tiny baby… only 9 weeks old! We’ll just say… she’s had us wrapped around her little paw ever since.

From the beginning, she has been such an easy dog! She was pretty well potty trained within the first week, caught onto her leash as soon as she was old enough for walks and has been sweet with all kids she meets! My favorite thing about Penny is that she so sweetly adjusts to whatever is going on in our day…she plays when we engage her, she naps when we are tired and she happily accompanies us on our many trips to Home Depot.

I’ve dreamed of having a dog for years and I’m so happy we finally have our girl; she’s everything I could have ever wanted and more! Here’s a peek at her 10 week portraits taken at my Scottsdale photography studio. I’ll be sharing her 6 month pictures here soon!

Scottsdale Photography 1Scottsdale Photography 2My specialty is human babies, but if you have a fur baby you want to bring into my Scottsdale photography studio, please don’t hesitate to message me!