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This blog post is a special one. For the past three years, my wonderful friend Jaime has captured our family before our big move, after our big move and when we welcomed our furry baby Penny. This time, it was my chance to photograph something special for her! Early last year, I got a text from Jaime telling me that she and her husband Ryan were having a baby, almost right after she found out! I was SO excited for her and keeping her secret was the hardest! Time flew by and it was such a joy watching the two of them announce it to the world, reveal baby’s gender and then joyfully welcome their sweet Annabelle into their family. Finally in September, days after Annabelle was born, I traveled to California for her newborn session.

Meeting Annabelle was so sweet for me. For months, I wondered who she would look like and what kind of personality she would have and then there she was- right in front of me! She was more beautiful and sweet than I could have imagined. Annabelle was a chunky newborn and boy do I love myself a chunky baby! She had the softest and sweetest baby smell; I snuggled her for a good part of the day. The best thing about Annabelle is that she was content. While she wasn’t sure about sleeping for me, she was happy to be there, wide-eyed, watching me try to soothe her to sleep, haha!

Thank you so much Jaime and Ryan for having me capture such a special part of your legacy. It is such an honor when another photographer and a friend asks me to take their baby’s first portraits!

I’d like to introduce Annabelle Rose, at just 10 days old:

Newborn Photography Scottsdale ArizonaScottsdale Arizona Newborn PhotographerScottsdale Arizona Newborn Photographer 3

Fresh roses: SWD Floral

Coral bow headband: AnaMaeDesign

Grey and pink fabric: Roses and Ruffles

Grey wrap: Manly and Pretty Little Things

Pink wrap: Custom Photo Props

I am a Scottsdale Arizona newborn photographer with a boutique baby studio located near the Scottsdale Airport. I’m also available to travel for newborn sessions like Annabelle’s. To chat about your newborn portraits, please visit my contact page!

Getting in Front of the Camera Getting in Front of the Camera


Getting in front of the camera isn’t something I do often, but I make a point to do it every year because looking back on old portraits is one of my favorite things to do. I know that’s surprising coming from a photographer! This year, Cody and I traveled back to California to visit friends and family. On our trip, we met up with our favorite photographer, Jaime Davis, and she captured us at a spot I’ve had on my list for a few years now. Yes, us photographers keep a list of places we want to either: photograph others or have our own family pictures taken.

The Mission San Juan Capistrano is a destination both locals and tourists visit because of it’s amazing history and beautiful grounds. It’s a popular location for weddings and other events and I’ve seen a few portraits taken there before. I particularly love the vibrant colors and textures of the mission’s stone walls and of course Jaime captured it all perfectly!

Thank you so much Jaime for photographing us again. Here’s a peek at our pictures:

Scottsdale Arizona Photographer Scottsdale Arizona Photographer Scottsdale Arizona Photographer

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Doggy Cousins Doggy Cousins

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Almost everybody knows that I have a little dog named Penny…and she’s my world. Penny is a one year old teeny Shih Tzu whose enthusiasm for life inspires me everyday. She happens to have a doggy cousin who is the exact same way! My sister Lyndsay has the cutest dog named Rockie and I’ll be honest- he has even more personality than Penny does. He was adopted from an amazing shelter near my sister’s house in Santa Monica. Penny doesn’t get to see Rockie much, but when she does, she just can’t contain herself!

We don’t have any grandchildren in our family so these two are the grandpups. Our mom, who lovingly refers to herself as “Grammy” spoils them in every way, even ways she probably shouldn’t (Grammy has told me that Penny likes Chick-fil-A, for example). On their last visit, we brought both dogs into my Scottsdale photography studio with big dreams for a cute picture of them together for Grammy… that didn’t happen! These two did great solo, but trying to get them both in a portrait was a circus!

Thanks to my mom, my sister, my aunt and these two wild pups for making this little session possible! Here’s a peek at their portraits:

Scottsdale Photography Studio - Dog Portraits Scottsdale Photography Studio - Dog Portraits

I am now booking maternity, newborn and baby portraits at my Scottsdale photography studio and welcome furry family members to come along too. I would love to chat about your family’s pictures!

Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits

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It was almost 15 years ago that my mom started working at the Mayo Clinic here in Arizona. We were new to the state and my mom was really excited to get back in the workforce after staying at home and volunteering at my school for a while. I don’t think she knew back then that taking a job at the Mayo Clinic is one of the best decisions she would ever make. Not only is it a wonderful medical institution, it has been a place where my mom has found what she truly LOVES to do- guide residents through their medical training (and honestly, be their second mom). As if finding her dream job wasn’t enough, my mom has met two of the greatest friends of her life at the Mayo. These ladies would do (and have done) anything for my mom. As her daughter, I couldn’t wish for anything more!

These three are everything I want to be- strong, caring and truly humble people. Silvana (left) has the loudest voice of positivity of anyone I know. She’s the one who encouraged my mom during her first half marathon and sat with me during my mom’s major surgery. Michele (right) also has a loud voice, but think New Jersey girl instead! If anyone will fight for you or tell you how it REALLY is, it will always be Michele.

It was such an honor for me when these two entrusted their family portraits to me and with Silvana, this is actually the second time! We grabbed the whole crew and went out into the desert, which I find especially beautiful in the winter. Sure, there isn’t as much color as spring, but in winter you have some of the most beautiful weather (I mean look at those clouds!) that you can’t always find other seasons in sunny Arizona.

So, a big thank you goes out to these ladies. Thank you for having me as your photographer, thank you for being the best friends to my mom and thank you for being such a great example of who I want to be when “I grow up”!

Scottsdale Family Portraits

Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family sessions:

Scottsdale Family Portraits

I’m now booking Scottsdale family sessions for October and November 2017. Get in touch to reserve yours!

Our Little Family- Scottsdale Family Photography Our Little Family


Every year, I drag Cody out to capture our annual pictures together. It’s not something he loves, but he does it every year because he knows how important it is to me! This time was our first as more than a couple, but a family with our little puppy, Penny. I’ve wanted a puppy for years, but we waited until we were a bit more settled to get one. Now, with her here, it really does feel like we are a little family!

As a photographer myself, it can be a little hard to find someone that I trust to capture my family the way I see them. It’s hard to let go of that control and let someone else take care of light, posing and making me look as beautiful as I feel! So, when I found someone who does all of that and more, I hung on and won’t let go! =P Not only is Jaime Davis a wonderful friend, but she captures my family even more beautifully than I envision…and she does it every time! Thank you so much Jaime for making time for us on your trip here to Arizona. I’m already looking forward to our next session!

Enjoy a little peek of our Scottsdale family photography:

Scottsdale Family Photography 1Scottsdale Family Photography 2Scottsdale Family Photography 3

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