Annabelle Rose – Newborn Photography Annabelle Rose – Newborn Photography


This blog post is a special one. For the past three years, my wonderful friend Jaime has captured our family before our big move, after our big move and when we welcomed our furry baby Penny. This time, it was my chance to photograph something special for her! Early last year, I got a text from Jaime telling me that she and her husband Ryan were having a baby, almost right after she found out! I was SO excited for her and keeping her secret was the hardest! Time flew by and it was such a joy watching the two of them announce it to the world, reveal baby’s gender and then joyfully welcome their sweet Annabelle into their family. Finally in September, days after Annabelle was born, I traveled to California for her newborn session.

Meeting Annabelle was so sweet for me. For months, I wondered who she would look like and what kind of personality she would have and then there she was- right in front of me! She was more beautiful and sweet than I could have imagined. Annabelle was a chunky newborn and boy do I love myself a chunky baby! She had the softest and sweetest baby smell; I snuggled her for a good part of the day. The best thing about Annabelle is that she was content. While she wasn’t sure about sleeping for me, she was happy to be there, wide-eyed, watching me try to soothe her to sleep, haha!

Thank you so much Jaime and Ryan for having me capture such a special part of your legacy. It is such an honor when another photographer and a friend asks me to take their baby’s first portraits!

I’d like to introduce Annabelle Rose, at just 10 days old:

Newborn Photography Scottsdale ArizonaScottsdale Arizona Newborn PhotographerScottsdale Arizona Newborn Photographer 3

Fresh roses: SWD Floral

Coral bow headband: AnaMaeDesign

Grey and pink fabric: Roses and Ruffles

Grey wrap: Manly and Pretty Little Things

Pink wrap: Custom Photo Props

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Introducing Poppy Introducing Poppy


It’s the beginning of the New Year and of course I am sitting here thinking about all of the things I did and wish I had done in 2017. On my list of regrets is how little I blogged last year. With social media, it is so easy to upload a quick picture with a short caption and share. I forget how fun it is to share the whole story!

Months ago, I had the pleasure of meeting little Poppy for her Scottsdale newborn photography session. Poppy was actually a little bit older than most of the newborns I have at the studio, but that didn’t change a thing. Even at 18 days old, Poppy was just a sleepy little newborn baby who snuggled right up. Let’s be honest- half the reason I am a newborn photographer is because I love to hold brand new babies!

My favorite thing about Poppy was her full head of hair. This is a little rare for newborns and I had so much fun adding in little headbands to show it all off! Poppy is one lucky little girl, with two very attentive parents to dote on her. Thank you so much Lael and Chase for choosing me to capture your little girl as she grows; I can’t wait to see her soon for her 6 month session!

Here’s a little peek at Poppy’s Scottsdale newborn session:

Scottsdale Newborn Photography Scottsdale Newborn Photography

Bonnet: Adorable You

Solid Pink Headband: AnaMaeDesign

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Mabry Lucille – 8 Days New Mabry Lucille – 8 Days New


Something that I’ve realized recently is how much I love sharing my work for others to enjoy. However, it’s all too easy to slap a picture on Instagram and forget to share what a whole session looks like! Today, I’m excited to share a recent Phoenix newborn photo session. World, meet Mabry Lucille, just eight days new!

I spent time with Mabry’s parents and brother earlier in the year at their maternity session in Gainey Ranch, a place they like to spend time at. I was so excited for Mabry to arrive to see who she looked like and what her big brother, Ashton, would think of her. I can truly say that she did not disappoint! Mabry Lucille has the sweetest little disposition. One of my favorite things about her is all of the sweet little noises she makes in her sleep and the way her soft, dark hair lays perfectly on her head.

Every newborn session reminds me that I love what I get to do for a living. Honestly, it’s hard to think of it as work. Thank you to Talissa, Patrick, Ashton and Mabry for inviting me to capture such a special moment for your family. I can’t wait to see you all for Mabry’s 6 month portraits!

Here’s a little peek at Mabry’s session:

Phoenix Newborn Photography _1 Phoenix Newborn Photography _2

White wrap: Sleepy Bebe Prop Shop

Pearl tieback: Lillian Jane Props

White bonnet: Adorable You

Pink wrap: Custom Photo Props

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Laken James – Scottsdale Newborn Photos Laken James – Scottsdale Newborn Photos


I am so excited to introduce Laken James, just 16 days old! When Laken came in for her Scottsdale newborn photos, I was especially looking forward to it because I hadn’t had a little girl in the studio for some time. It was boy after boy after boy (who were all adorable!), but after a while I was really missing some pinks and purples! Thankfully, Laken looks PERFECT in pink!

This sweet little girl was just beautiful, with the softest skin and the sweetest fuzzy dark blonde hair. I loved the little noises she would make sleeping and the way she tucked her bottom lip in. Laken was the best little “model” and slept her entire session, through all of her cute accessory changes and curly poses. Her first portraits came out so beautifully and I’m so excited to share them with you all!

One of the sweetest parts of Laken’s session is how we were able to incorporate some of her Daddy’s baseball items in her photos. I know that she is the Orioles biggest little fan! I’m so excited to see what a beautiful little girl she grows to be and who knows, maybe she will play sports like her Dad! Thank you so much Michelle and Logan for coming to the studio for Laken’s Scottsdale newborn photos!

Scottsdale Newborn PhotosScottsdale Newborn Photos

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Evelyn Amelia – Phoenix Newborn Session Evelyn Amelia – Phoenix Newborn Session


Purple is my favorite color so it is such a treat when I get to use it at one of my Phoenix newborn sessions! Thankfully sweet Evelyn, lovingly referred to as Evie, adores purple too. At just 18 days new, little Evie LOVED to snuggle and gave me the new most newborn smiles I’ve seen in a while!

It was such a pleasure having this little princess and her parents at the studio. Evie is lucky to have a Momma and Dad that simply adore her and they even love some of the nerdy things I do, like Harry Potter! I know they will raise little Evie to be a beautiful, nerdy little girl and I can’t wait to see what she has in store.

Thank you so much to Jessica, Derek and Evie for having me as your newborn photographer! Here’s a little peek at Evie’s session:

Phoenix Newborn SessionPhoenix Newborn Session 2

Pearl tieback: Lillian Jane Props

Purple wrap: Sleepy Bebe Prop Shop

Flower headband: Adorable You

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