The Terrys – Scottsdale Family Photography The Terrys – Scottsdale Family Photography

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There’s a soft spot in my heart for my little Baby’s First Year clients. It’s so special following a baby’s journey from the very beginning and capturing them as they reach each of their milestones. By the end of their first year, they truly feel like a part of my family! Sweet Mila is one of First Year babies and let me tell you, with every session she gets cuter and cuter! This session was especially fun because it was her first after she learned to sit up by herself. We sat her down in the grass and we immediately saw her chubby little hand grab a handful of grass and it headed straight for her mouth!

It was perfect that we scheduled this session right before the holidays because Mila’s grandparents were in town and able to come be a part of her session. We were able to capture everyone together as well as some three generation portraits that I know Mila will love looking back on when she’s older. I know these pictures will be priceless to Mila and her family, as they are some of the last they have with her grandfather, who passed this spring. I’m so happy that he was able to come visit and be a part of this family session. Now, Mila will have pictures with her grandpa in her baby album that she can treasure for years to come.

Thank you so much to Nancy, Dave and the rest of your family for having me as your photographer! It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and take these pictures for you. Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family photography:

scottsdale family photographyscottsdale family photography
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The Wests – Scottsdale Family Portraits The Wests – Scottsdale Family Portraits

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Recently, I had the honor of capturing the Wests’ first portraits as a family of eight! They have been waiting over two years to welcome their three girls home. After waiting and waiting with little progress, they decided to travel to Uganda and take care of the adoption themselves. After a few months, everything was finalized and were finally able to bring the girls home!

The West Family has almost doubled, but it’s so sweet to see how it was as if these girls were in their family all along! Thank you so much to the Wests for having me as your photographer. It was a pleasure to meet the whole crew and I can’t wait to see what is in store for you all! Here’s a peek of the Wests’ Scottsdale family portraits:

Scottsdale Family Portraits

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The Reckers – Scottsdale Family Photographer The Reckers – Scottsdale Family Photographer

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I spend a lot of time in my studio so it’s been a little while since I’ve captured portraits in the desert! I was really excited when Kelly contacted me looking for a Scottsdale family photographer to help celebrate her baby’s first birthday. The Recker’s recently moved to Arizona so we thought it would be perfect to have their portraits not only highlight Camden’s birthday, but also the new place that they call home.

There is something so special about a baby turning one and looking back on everything that has happened in their short time here. Camden is such a sweet little boy with a big curiosity for other people. He loves to hangout and just observe others, which was definitely a priority during our session with all of the hikers passing by. He was way more interested in watching them than looking or laughing at my crazy antics behind the camera. I always tell parents with toddlers that I will be making lots of crazy noises and faces to get their busy little one looking at the camera and I sure did that with Camden! Most of the time, he would give me the most serious looks, but the sweetest thing was the way his face lit up when his daddy was goofy. Camden loves to be tossed up in the air, play with just about anything in sight (including dirt) and eat Cheerios. I can’t wait to see what a wonderful little boy he grows to be!

Thank you so much to Kelly, Anthony and Camden for inviting me to capture your family portraits. Here is a little peek at their session:

Scottsdale Family Photographer

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The Chastains – Scottsdale Family Portraits The Chastains – Scottsdale Family Portraits

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A few months ago, the Chastains invited me to their new home for their Scottsdale family portraits. Stephanie and JD spent a year building their house and I love that we were able to showcase it in their session! Christmas is one of the few times of year that their whole family is together so it was the perfect time to update their family pictures! Having already met Stephanie in November to customize their session, it was great to finally meet the rest of the family that she talked so fondly of.

The highlight of the Chastains’ session was their new grandbaby, Mabel. Mabel is such a sweet, easy-going baby that really had no problem being held or looking at the camera. When it was her turn, everyone would rally behind me and she would light up with smiles. It was so sweet to see how everyone in the family just adores her- especially her Grandma and Aunt Katie. I can’t wait to see what a wonderful little girl she grows to be!

Thank you to Stephanie and the rest of the family for having me over! It was a pleasure capturing your family’s story. Here’s a little peek at their session:

Scottsdale Family Portraits Scottsdale Family Portraits 2

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Happy 80th Birthday Grandma – Family Photo Session Happy 80th Birthday Grandma – Family Photo Session

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Earlier this month, I went to Indiana to visit my extended family because my Grandma was turning 80-years-old! How cool is that!? The awesome thing is that she doesn’t even look or act like she is 80. It’s wonderful how healthy and active she is and I’m so excited for her, that she gets to live this amazing life and enjoy her older years.

I don’t get to visit Indiana often and neither does my sister. Unfortunately, this means that we don’t have all of the Roller cousins together very often. The last time we were together was my uncle’s wedding five years ago and the last time we had family photos together was fifteen years ago before my youngest cousin was born! In celebration of my Grandma’s 80th birthday and all of the cousins being together, we set up grandkids pictures and surprised my Grandma at her birthday dinner. She was VERY excited and it’s now a running joke because she didn’t recognize my sister in the portrait we gave her- “Who is that lady?” she asked.

I’m very happy that we got to give such a great gift to my Grandma so she can update the wall she has dedicated to the grandkids and so I can have these memories of my amazing cousins and I. Here’s a few pictures from our family photo session, taken by the wonderful Megan West Photography!

Family Photo Session Arizona

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