The Chastain Family The Chastain Family


For the last couple of years, I’ve had the pleasure of watching the Chastain family grow! Every other year, the Chastains are all together for Christmas in Scottsdale and use the opportunity to capture everyone together with family portraits. This is the second time I’ve been invited to their beautiful home in Arcadia for their family session. With each session, there are new grandbabies, and new stories, but their tight bond never changes even with the distance between them. I’m excited to freeze these quick moments so that they can look back on them years down the road!

Stephanie and JD custom built their home to entertain and it truly is a beautiful gathering place for family and friends. Although their three kids are grown, their house has become a place where everyone comes for quality time together. I know their house will be a big part of their family memories… and that is exactly why I think it’s the perfect place for their family session every year!

One of my favorite things about working with Stephanie and her family is how easy-going everyone is. They are open to trying new things (like their red and plaid color scheme this year) and making the session fun for all (including the dogs!). Families like the Chastains are exactly why I love being a photographer… creating tangible heirlooms of these moments is so important and so fulfilling.

Thank you to Stephanie, JD and the rest of your family for inviting me to capture your portraits again. It truly means so much! Here is a little peek of their family session:

family portraits 2family portraits

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The Amdahl Family The Amdahl Family


Family is the center of my world and I know it is with the Amdahls too. The summer after college, I had the privilege of working as their summer nanny. Kate and Jack were just 3 and 2-years-old and I had a blast that summer with them. The best thing about that time was just being there for them, playing, learning, and making the most of their summer off of preschool. Our favorite activities were visiting the Fountain Hills Library, playing at the splashpad, or discovering a new park in Scottsdale. We had long, fun-filled days that always ended with the kids being so excited to see their parents, two people who truly put family time first.

Kate and Jack have grown up so much since those days. They are both in school full time. They are in so many different activities and they are what I lovingly call “little humans.” It’s so fun to sit and listen to their interests and stories about the trips they’ve been on. What a pleasure it’s been watching them grow up, but an even bigger honor that their parents have made a point to include me in their family all these years later with birthday party invites and family sessions.

Mike and Megan, thank you so much for having me capture these family portraits for you in Scottsdale. It was so wonderful to catch-up and as always, it’s such a compliment to capture your family pictures yet another time. Please enjoy a snippet of their family session below!

scottsdale family portraits scottsdale family portraits 2 scottsdale family portraits 3

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The Guillen-Tobin Family The Guillen


April, Dave and Max came all the way from Maryland to celebrate Max’s first birthday! Family members from all over the country met them here so Max could celebrate with everyone he loves most. What was even more special is that they were able to celebrate in the same place that April and Dave got married years earlier, The Boulders Resort. Naturally, this is also where we captured their Scottsdale family photography.

I had so much fun walking around the resort with this family, learning all about their little guy Max and stopping at all of April’s favorite spots. We battled some wind and Max wasn’t always so sure about pictures, but everything turned out perfectly. The best part of their session was watching Max play with his parents. It was so sweet to see his face light up with kisses from mom and “tosses” from dad.

Thank you so much Dave, April and Max for including me in this special celebration for your family! Here’s a glimpse at their Scottsdale family photography:

Scottsdale Family Photography Scottsdale Family Photography Scottsdale Family Photography

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Awaiting Baby Girl Awaiting Baby Girl

Families, Maternity

Talissa, Patrick, and Ashton were really excited to welcome their baby girl (and Ashton’s new sister) and asked if we could capture their Scottsdale maternity photos in Gainey Ranch. They spend a lot of time there as a family so it was really important to them to capture these special portraits in this spot! Their furry family member, Lucy, came along too!

When Patrick and Talissa came in for their studio consultation months before, Ashton was unable to come with them. Their session was so fun because I got to meet him for the first time and see what a charismatic kid he is! I can honestly say I’ve never had another kid be as interested as he was in the session; he even assisted me when he wasn’t in pictures! It was such a blast and I felt so excited for his little sister to have such a great big brother!

Thank you so much to Ashton, Talissa and Patrick for meeting me for your Scottsdale maternity session! Here are a few of their portraits:

Scottsdale Maternity Photos Scottsdale Maternity Photos

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Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits

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It was almost 15 years ago that my mom started working at the Mayo Clinic here in Arizona. We were new to the state and my mom was really excited to get back in the workforce after staying at home and volunteering at my school for a while. I don’t think she knew back then that taking a job at the Mayo Clinic is one of the best decisions she would ever make. Not only is it a wonderful medical institution, it has been a place where my mom has found what she truly LOVES to do- guide residents through their medical training (and honestly, be their second mom). As if finding her dream job wasn’t enough, my mom has met two of the greatest friends of her life at the Mayo. These ladies would do (and have done) anything for my mom. As her daughter, I couldn’t wish for anything more!

These three are everything I want to be- strong, caring and truly humble people. Silvana (left) has the loudest voice of positivity of anyone I know. She’s the one who encouraged my mom during her first half marathon and sat with me during my mom’s major surgery. Michele (right) also has a loud voice, but think New Jersey girl instead! If anyone will fight for you or tell you how it REALLY is, it will always be Michele.

It was such an honor for me when these two entrusted their family portraits to me and with Silvana, this is actually the second time! We grabbed the whole crew and went out into the desert, which I find especially beautiful in the winter. Sure, there isn’t as much color as spring, but in winter you have some of the most beautiful weather (I mean look at those clouds!) that you can’t always find other seasons in sunny Arizona.

So, a big thank you goes out to these ladies. Thank you for having me as your photographer, thank you for being the best friends to my mom and thank you for being such a great example of who I want to be when “I grow up”!

Scottsdale Family Portraits

Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family sessions:

Scottsdale Family Portraits

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