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April, Dave and Max came all the way from Maryland to celebrate Max’s first birthday! Family members from all over the country met them here so Max could celebrate with everyone he loves most. What was even more special is that they were able to celebrate in the same place that April and Dave got married years earlier, The Boulders Resort. Naturally, this is also where we captured their Scottsdale family photography.

I had so much fun walking around the resort with this family, learning all about their little guy Max and stopping at all of April’s favorite spots. We battled some wind and Max wasn’t always so sure about pictures, but everything turned out perfectly. The best part of their session was watching Max play with his parents. It was so sweet to see his face light up with kisses from mom and “tosses” from dad.

Thank you so much Dave, April and Max for including me in this special celebration for your family! Here’s a glimpse at their Scottsdale family photography:

Scottsdale Family Photography Scottsdale Family Photography Scottsdale Family Photography

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Awaiting Baby Girl Awaiting Baby Girl

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Talissa, Patrick, and Ashton were really excited to welcome their baby girl (and Ashton’s new sister) and asked if we could capture their Scottsdale maternity photos in Gainey Ranch. They spend a lot of time there as a family so it was really important to them to capture these special portraits in this spot! Their furry family member, Lucy, came along too!

When Patrick and Talissa came in for their studio consultation months before, Ashton was unable to come with them. Their session was so fun because I got to meet him for the first time and see what a charismatic kid he is! I can honestly say I’ve never had another kid be as interested as he was in the session; he even assisted me when he wasn’t in pictures! It was such a blast and I felt so excited for his little sister to have such a great big brother!

Thank you so much to Ashton, Talissa and Patrick for meeting me for your Scottsdale maternity session! Here are a few of their portraits:

Scottsdale Maternity Photos Scottsdale Maternity Photos

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Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits Family Friends – Scottsdale Family Portraits

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It was almost 15 years ago that my mom started working at the Mayo Clinic here in Arizona. We were new to the state and my mom was really excited to get back in the workforce after staying at home and volunteering at my school for a while. I don’t think she knew back then that taking a job at the Mayo Clinic is one of the best decisions she would ever make. Not only is it a wonderful medical institution, it has been a place where my mom has found what she truly LOVES to do- guide residents through their medical training (and honestly, be their second mom). As if finding her dream job wasn’t enough, my mom has met two of the greatest friends of her life at the Mayo. These ladies would do (and have done) anything for my mom. As her daughter, I couldn’t wish for anything more!

These three are everything I want to be- strong, caring and truly humble people. Silvana (left) has the loudest voice of positivity of anyone I know. She’s the one who encouraged my mom during her first half marathon and sat with me during my mom’s major surgery. Michele (right) also has a loud voice, but think New Jersey girl instead! If anyone will fight for you or tell you how it REALLY is, it will always be Michele.

It was such an honor for me when these two entrusted their family portraits to me and with Silvana, this is actually the second time! We grabbed the whole crew and went out into the desert, which I find especially beautiful in the winter. Sure, there isn’t as much color as spring, but in winter you have some of the most beautiful weather (I mean look at those clouds!) that you can’t always find other seasons in sunny Arizona.

So, a big thank you goes out to these ladies. Thank you for having me as your photographer, thank you for being the best friends to my mom and thank you for being such a great example of who I want to be when “I grow up”!

Scottsdale Family Portraits

Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family sessions:

Scottsdale Family Portraits

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The Jackel/Yaffe B’nai Mitzvah The Jackel/Yaffe B’nai Mitzvah

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Baby photography is my thing, but every now and then I get contacted for something different and I LOVE the opportunity for new experiences. A few months ago, Audrey got in touch about the B’nai Mitzvah they were having for her son and nephew at The Westin Kierland Resort and Spa. They were coming in from San Diego and had family coming in from all over the country for this special destination B’nai Mitzvah.

This family was such a blast! Since they were all coming from out of town, this was the first time that I had met them and yet it felt like I knew this family like neighbors! Ryan and Nate were the perfect combination of polite (and all too grown up!) and goofy (I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at their shenanigans!). These two have an amazing support system in their parents and extended family, all of whom they seemed so close to. During the ceremony, it was so wonderful to hear how just about every family member, near and far, helped them grow to be who they are today.

Thank you Audrey for inviting me to be a part of such a special day and thank you to the rest of the Jackel and Yaffe families for treating me like family during such an special time! Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family photos:

Scottsdale Family PhotosScottsdale Family Photos

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The Terrys – Scottsdale Family Photography The Terrys – Scottsdale Family Photography

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There’s a soft spot in my heart for my little Baby’s First Year clients. It’s so special following a baby’s journey from the very beginning and capturing them as they reach each of their milestones. By the end of their first year, they truly feel like a part of my family! Sweet Mila is one of First Year babies and let me tell you, with every session she gets cuter and cuter! This session was especially fun because it was her first after she learned to sit up by herself. We sat her down in the grass and we immediately saw her chubby little hand grab a handful of grass and it headed straight for her mouth!

It was perfect that we scheduled this session right before the holidays because Mila’s grandparents were in town and able to come be a part of her session. We were able to capture everyone together as well as some three generation portraits that I know Mila will love looking back on when she’s older. I know these pictures will be priceless to Mila and her family, as they are some of the last they have with her grandfather, who passed this spring. I’m so happy that he was able to come visit and be a part of this family session. Now, Mila will have pictures with her grandpa in her baby album that she can treasure for years to come.

Thank you so much to Nancy, Dave and the rest of your family for having me as your photographer! It was such a pleasure to meet everyone and take these pictures for you. Here’s a little peek at their Scottsdale family photography:

scottsdale family photographyscottsdale family photography
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