Jack Turns One – Scottsdale Arizona Baby Photography Jack Turns One – Scottsdale Arizona Baby Photography
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This blog post is a bittersweet one. Jack is one of my little Baby’s First Year clients. For the past year, he’s been coming in to visit me for his Scottsdale Arizona baby photography. I’ve watched this little guy grow from a tiny newborn (who slept like a rockstar!) to a chunky sitter obsessed with Winnie the Pooh and now all of a sudden he’s one and running around all over the place!

Capturing Jack’s first year has been rewarding for obvious reasons; watching a baby grow up and taking the first portraits of their life is such an honor. However, getting to know Jack and his parents has been even better. I’ve had such a fun year hearing all about their adventures as new parents and having fellow dog parents to talk to about our dogs’ crazy antics.

I’m so grateful to have this family as a part of the studio family! Thank you so much for entrusting such special pictures in my hands. Here’s a peek at Jack’s one year session:

Scottsdale Arizona Baby Photography _1 Scottsdale Arizona Baby Photography _2 Scottsdale Arizona Baby Photography _3

I would love to capture your little one’s first year of life. Get in touch and let’s chat about portraits you’ll love!

A Magical Morning with Santa- Scottsdale Santa Photography A Magical Morning with Santa
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Scottsdale Santa PhotographyI am thrilled to announce that my 2017 Scottsdale Santa photography sessions are now open to everyone! These exclusive 20 minute sessions with Santa are truly magical. This is your little one’s time to open their special signed gift, read Christmas stories, share gourmet cookies and milk with Santa, all while I capture their special visit in timeless portraits for your family to treasure!

These limited edition sessions were born out of my immense love for Christmas. Over two years ago, I got the inspiration to create something more magical and enjoyable than waiting in long lines at the mall, having a split moment with Santa and one good picture of everyone smiling at the camera. It has been the greatest joy the last two years seeing the happiness that Santa brings: hugs, chats about how the elves make legos, reading stories and so much more! I am so excited to be announcing Santa’s third year at my studio!

For a little peek into these magical sessions with Santa, take a look at Scotty’s visit with Santa here.

The Details:

December 2nd, 2017
Available times: 9:20am, 10am and 10:20am

20 minutes one-on-one
A special gift & cookies with milk
Storytime, giggles & much more

These limited edition sessions are $150. All prints, ornaments, albums, videos and digital images are chosen and purchased separately at your ordering appointment 5-7 days later. Collections start at $250.

To reserve one of the 3 remaining Scottsdale Santa photography spots, please get in touch!

I can’t wait to see you all again this year!

Mila Turns One! Mila Turns One!

I’ve been looking forward to sweet Mila coming into the studio for her first birthday! Mila is one of my little Baby’s First Year clients, who has basically grown up in front of my camera! Over the months, I’ve seen her gorgeous head of hair grow and grow. Some babies are bald or have spots of growing hair, but adorable Mila has always had the most beautiful locks!

Mila’s one year session was adorable, but not in the way that you might expect. She was really unsure of her cake and it took a lot of coaxing for her to try a bite. After tasting the cake and not loving it, her parents decided she’s more like her mom instead of dad, who LOVES sweets.

Thank you so much to Nancy, Dave and Mila for having me as your photographer this past year. It’s been such a pleasure watching your little baby grow up; I can’t wait to see what a beautiful girl she grows to be! Here’s a little peek at Mila’s Scottsdale baby photography session:

Scottsdale Baby Photography_1Scottsdale Baby Photography_2Scottsdale Baby Photography_3

Cake: Sift Bakehouse

I would love to capture your little one’s Scottsdale baby photography. Please get in touch to schedule your 6 month or 12 month session!

Lawson- Scottsdale Baby Portraits Lawson
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Let’s start by saying the obvious: I love cute chunky babies. This is why I have such a sweet spot for little Lawson Duke. He is the definition of an adorable, roll-y baby! If you too love chunksters, I give you permission to skip the rest of my post and peek at his Scottsdale baby portraits!

Yet again, it is bittersweet to see another one of my little newborn babies grow to be a spunky little one. It’s amazing to me how this little guy grew in his momma’s belly, curled up into one of my arms as a newborn and is now a chunk sitting on his own! Lawson is definitely one of my most hip little clients and you can follow his little adventures on his Instagram account!

It’s been such a joy to witness his babyhood at the studio and I am so bummed that he has recently moved to San Francisco. But, I’m excited for his momma’s next steps in her career! Thankfully, I can follow along their new adventures on Instagram! Thank you Lauren, LD and Lawson for letting me be a part of your story; I can’t wait to see what’s in store for your little guy!

Scottsdale Baby Portraits_1 Scottsdale Baby Portraits_2

It would be an honor to capture your growing family’s story. Get in touch to book your Scottsdale baby portraits!

Jack- Phoenix Baby Photography Jack
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I have been so excited to share Jack’s Phoenix baby photography session! The last time I saw Jack was when he was a teeny little newborn. I can’t believe how much his features have changed in 6 short months.

This little dude is OBSESSED with Winnie the Pooh so Mom came with Pooh and friends in hand! These stuffed animals turned out to be the cutest props, especially the classic set of Pooh, Eeyore, Tigger and Piglet together. It is so cute to see the way Jack’s face lights up when he gets a sight of his Pooh bear. Thankfully, he has an equal love for Pooh songs and videos, which came in handy when he wasn’t interested in pictures anymore!

Thank you Stephanie and Jack for coming to visit me; I am so excited I get to watch your little guy grow up!

Phoenix Baby Photography_1 Phoenix Baby Photography_2

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